Think twice before demolishing

Think twice before demolishing is an idea booklet with advice for carrying out a successful construction project without demolition. This is the English translation of Tenk deg om før du river.

– advice on carrying out a successful construction project without demolition

Existing buildings are a gold mine for the future. It is crucial that you see the potential in the buildings we already have if you want to spearhead sustainability.

In this booklet, we address five common myths that contribute to the demolition of buildings:

  1. It costs more to refurbish than to demolish and build anew.
  2. Only new buildings can be green and environmentally certified.
  3. It is difficult to utilise space efficiently in old buildings.
  4. It is difficult to meet modern requirements for indoor air quality in existing buildings.
  5. New buildings have a more contemporary visual expression.

At the Norwegian Green Building Council, we often hear that these five myths are determining factors for choosing to demolish a building. What’s more, current fiscal regimes provide few incentives to refurbish buildings rather than demolish and build anew.

This booklet shows you how we can refute these myths by thinking about old buildings in new ways. We will give you ten tips and even more good examples of what you as a building owner, developer, or investor should think about before deciding what to do with an old building that no longer meets current requirements from tenants, the municipality, or others.

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